The Cat Cafe

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the Cat Cafe! Cafe Meow, Blackpool’s first Cat Cafe and we are excited to welcome you all.

The Cat Cafe is practically ready to go, please bear in mind that bookings are restricted to 10 people per hour for the forseeable.

At Cafe Meow you will have an hour to mingle, play and have the best day. All of our cats are rescue cats and all have different personalities, we are sure you’ll find the experience one to remember! We are only offering cake and beverages within the Cat Cafe for the time being whilst we ease the cats into their new surroundings and finally open up to the public after what seems a lifetime.

Upon pressing any "book now" button, you will be sent to an external website where you can complete your booking. This website is just for informational purposes and a port of contact.
We cannot stress this one enough. As much as we would love to see all of you with your own cats, it's just not possible. We have to keep the safety and wellbeing of our cats a top priority and can't risk any danger to them. It's the same at any other cat cafe.
We have bags of treats and other food that a member of staff can provide to you, please refrain from feeding the cats as they are on a strict diet to keep them in perfect health.
The cats will come to you if they want, please don't force the cats into a position they don't want to be in.
Please take as many pictures and videos as you please, but please remember, turn the flash off!

Welcome to

The Cat Cafe

The Kitties

Our cats are all available to be rehomed, we are striving to give them a forever home.


The cost of the Cat Cafe is an hourly charge of £10.95 with the inclusion of a drink. There are more options available through the booking site if you wish to upgrade (coming shortly, only regular bookings are available at this time). This is a welfare cost and helps us keep the kitties in opimal health.


We have plenty of toys for you to play with the cats, go wild! They will love you forever.

Sneaky Kitties

Be aware you may see some paws underneath you whilst eating, food coverings are available with every meal.


We can cater to any request, you tell us what YOU need and we should be able to accomodate, drop us an email.

Light Snacks

For the first few weeks of the cafe opening, only cake and beverages will be available within the Cat Cafe, much more to be added.

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