Cafe Meow House Rules

We cannot wait to welcome you inside, but theres a few little rules we have to enforce so please adhere to these whilst inside Cafe Meow.

Children 8 and above only.

When booking please take into account that we are only allowing children 8 and above in the cafe currently, this is subject to change. If you are accompanying minors, please ensure there is supervision at all times. 

Please, No Flash Photography

When inside Cafe Meow, you can take photographs and videos until your heart is content, but please be wary of the flash on your camera, the kitties hate that!

Don't bring your own cats

We get asked if you can bring your own cats along, in short, No. We have to keep our rescue cats happy and content and this would really cause a stir, so please, don’t bring your cats along as much as we would love to see them.

Don't feed or wake the cats

If you find the cats are sleeping, please don’t wake them. Same goes for feeding, please do not feed the cats as they are all on strict diets to keep them in purrfect health.

Last few things

Please bear in mind that the cats are completely free roam and will come to you if they so wish, feel free to play with the kitties on site as they absolutely love that. We ask that you do not put the cats into a position they do not want to be in, such as picking them up or chasing them round. There will always be a member of staff looking after the cats as well as you so ask them anything you like to make your visit one to remember.

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