About Cafe Meow

An Introduction

We are Rick and Katie and between us we‘ve got loads of experience in hospitality. We’re also both massive cat lovers so we got to thinking – why don’t we combine what we do with what we love? So, for the past year or so we have been working really hard to make our dream come true and, finally, here it is! Café Meow, Blackpool’s very first cat café!


Café Meow is also a true community hub where you can catch up with old friends, meet new ones and enjoy a range of exciting activities from arts and crafts, music and quizzes to games evenings and special gourmet nights.

What is a Cat Cafe?

Cat Café’s are growing in popularity around the world. They are a place where customers can enjoy a coffee or light meal in pleasant, comfortable, cat themed surroundings and in the presence of friendly, welcoming cats that live on the premises. It is a well documented fact that being around animals and pets has a really positive effect on people’s sense of well being and state of mind and that is what cat café’s are all about. 


Our cats are well looked after with all the necessary professional health and social care support that they need and they are ones that are comfortable in the presence of people. Please bare in mind our cats are previously abandonned cats and are fully adoptable should you meet the right criteria. Some of our cats may have slight social issues due to their pasts, it’s not their fault and we will do our utmost to give them a much deserved new start and a platform for you to meet your new potential best friend.


Cat Café’s operate on a booking system that offers a bespoke package to small groups and families, so that the space does not become too crowded and the resident cats are able to roam freely with customers and interact with them on their own terms. Cat Café’s offer a unique and satisfying experience for animal lovers, families and children whilst providing a safe, secure and loving home for the cats themselves.

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