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Can Children Come?

Absolutely, however, please bear in mind all children have to be aged 8 or above to visit the cafe. We know it’s disheartening that younger children cannot visit but a lot of the cats on site do not react well to younger children.

How Do You Adopt From Cafe Meow

Very simple, book yourself a slot and come to meet all the amazing kitties we have at the cafe, all with very different personalities. Our very knowledgable staff will talk you through any questions you may have and possibly steer you in the right direction when helping choose your new kitty. We then have the charities get in touch with you and organise a home check and other much needed assessment.

What Are The Rules?

We only have two very simple rules, DO NOT FEED the kitties, some of the cats on site may have digestive issues or medical issues that only staff would be aware of.

Secondly, DO NOT PICK THE cats up, again, a lot of the cats on-site may not like being picked up and will very quickly let you know. We tell you these rules not to be boring, but to make sure you and the kitties are safe and sound whilst you visit.

How Much Is It To Visit?

The cafe is 12.50 to visit, this is a donation to the cafe which helps keep the 100s of cats we take in per year in good health and keeps them sheltered and loved with 24/7 staff supervision.

Can We Eat At The Cafe?

Absolutely! We have many cakes and snacks at the cafe for you to indulge. Our menu is currently going through a revamp whilst we prepare a bigger and better kitchen, this will be complete by July 2024.

Building a Community and Boosting Mental Wellbeing.

The Cafe is a wonderful place to meet like-minded people who love to be around cats. We know a lot of people cannot own cats for numerous different reasons so the Cafe is the next best thing. I mean, sitting and playing/chilling with cats all day, what could be better for your mental health?

Boost to Mental Health

Private functions/Birthday Parties - Get in touch

Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free options available

Carers discount available - Get intouch