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What Cat Is Right For You?

What cat is right for you?

So, you have, quite rightly, decided that adopting a cat is the best way forward. How do you now make sure that you get the right cat for you and, just as importantly, which cat you are right for? Getting that perfect match will ensure that both you and your new best friend will get the most out of your relationship and, by working closely with you, we and the sanctuary will help you to do just that.

First of all, ‘though, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. For example, should you get a kitten or an adult cat? Of course, kittens are adorable and playful little furballs but they will need more supervision and training and you might need to ‘kitten proof’ your home! If you’re looking for a cat with a certain temperament then an adult might be a better choice for you. You also need tyo think about what your family life is like. Are you very busy? Are you out of the home for long periods of time? Do you have children? What are their expectations? All of these considerations will help you decide what cat is best for you. Also have a think about what sort of relationship you are looking for with your new family member. Are you looking for a cuddly lap cat who is quiet, or an active cat who will keep you on your toes? Do you already have pets? If so you need to think about their feelings too. If you currently have a cat at home, try to match complementary personalities when choosing a second cat and be prepared to do a gradual introduction. If you have a dog at home, try to choose a cat who has previous (and positive) experience with dogs.

We, and our partners at the sanctuary will be able to help you through these questions. You might think some of the questions we ask are unnecessary but, please remember, we want to make sure that help to provide the best possible pet for you and the best possible environment for the cats. For the same reasons we will always do home inspections before agreeing to an adoption. Please don’t be offended – it’s merely to ensure your future happiness with your new best pal! We will also be able to give you advice and suggestions at this point about the best ways to help your cat settle into its new loving home.

It will be important to take your time and spend time with all the cats at the café before you make your decision. It’s very easy to fall in the love with the first cat you see but you may miss that amazing feline love of your life at the other end of the room! Once you see a cat who touches your heart, spend some one to one time together so that you can see how you really feel about them and how they react to you. Remember that the cat doesn’t know you at this point and might be nervous. What matters now is whether you feel a connection. Let the cat come to you. Take the time needed for the cat to feel secure enough to come toward you, even just a few steps. When that happens you can really start to get to know each other, and when that happens you are on the wonderful road to a new friend for life!